The advantages of recruiting through an agency:

More and more customers want to bring their own workers from Asia or recruit themselves, for the simple reason of - reducing costs.
But when we talk about taking on a long-term contract with Asian workers, that is at least 2 years, the cost should not be the most important aspect but the quality of the service you benefit from.

When we say to work with an agency your gain is of 2 kinds:

  • Time
    1. Candidate profile - You can profile the candidate you need very well to shorten the search period in Asia.
    2. Live work test - Because you don't go to Asia, Asia comes to you. You can give a live work test and an interview with the candidate directly from the construction site and in a short time you will complete your team with the right workers..
    3. View interview recordings - If time is not your best friend, video work tests can be viewed at any time.

  • Finance
    1. The agency reduces the risk of inappropriate choices - An agency's recruitment experience reduces the risk of incorrect recruitment. Inappropriate or even underqualified candidate.
    2. Personal recruitment in Asia - You can go personally to recruit in Asia, understand the culture of the worker where they come from and do not experiment on the company's money.
    3. We deal with legal formalities - After the recruitment, the elaboration of all the legal formalities, and they are not few, is taken over entirely by the agency that working on volume obtains preferential tariffs.
    4. Post recruitment support - You benefit from post-recruitment support throughout the contractual period, and the principle "you better avoid than treat" helps you not to make unforeseen expenses.
    What do you value most when you choose to develop your team?

What our customers ask us

Answers to questions received from employers

The costs of recruiting and placing staff from non-EU countries include fees to various institutions / authorities / entities in Romania as well as the related intermediation commission.
Costs include:
Fees to authorities, translations and legalization of documents, DHL courier;
Transport - plane ticket;
Medical tests;
Agency commission. We set moderate fees depending on the number of staff you need.

All necessary formalities from staff selection to their arrival in Romania take approx. 3-4 months. In order to shorten this period as much as possible, it is essential that the documents required to draw up the work permit and residence permit file are correct and complete.

We maintain constant communication with both the employer and the employees and ensure that both parties comply with their contractual commitments. We also facilitate cultural integration and accommodation in the Romanian environment and offer recommendations to the employer to shorten the transition period.

During the recruitment period, the employing company is responsible for the accuracy of the submitted documents. After employment, the employer's obligations include compliance with the terms of the employment contract and the job description submitted prior to employment, as well as the payment of wages. Also, accommodation, daily meals and transportation to the home must be provided by the employer, as agreed with the employee prior to hiring.

VRT Recruitment undertakes to replace the worker free of charge if he/she is not fit for work or if he/she refuses to come to work or if he/she does not comply with the obligations of the employment contract in the first 3 months from the arrival on the Romanian territory.

We always propose the most competent candidates

for each professional field.

How it works?

Stages of recruitment process



The stage of identifying the needs of the employer.

  • We define the specifications, the job description together with the specific requirements and we establish the salary offer, the work schedule and the benefits.



Selection and testing of candidates

  • We select the most suitable staff according to the needs of the employer.
    We organize recording interviews or video conferences with selected staff. Following interviews, the employer
    make the hiring decision.



Effective employment of staff

  • We prepare the file for obtaining the work permit, we organize the transport formalities in Romania and we obtain the residence permit.


We'll do everything we can to make our next best project!